Should You Lose Weight?

After being in the fitness industry for over a decade I believe losing weight isn’t for everyone and here is why. Yes, a healthy lifestyle is the best choice however weight loss for the majority of people comes down to a quality of life and what you are willing to give up. It takes 3500 calories of work to lose 1lb of fat, that equates to a 500 calorie deficit each day of the week. That’s a sandwich for some, large French fries for others, or maybe a small milkshake. Often times it’s hard to give up life’s pleasantries for the long game. If you are craving the good stuff that is understandable but if you still think it’s an option then stop right here and re-evaluate your weight loss goal. Healthy weight loss is important but what’s more important is keeping it off and maintaining a great balanced quality of life. In order to get there you have to be mentally and physically prepared. A trainer helps you with the physical aspect but everyone neglects the mental. Yes there are physical tricks to help you mentally get through the process but what about all those years you have spent depending on food to feed your emotions. Step 1. Anchor Find a reason why this weight loss journey is important. Not I feel fat or gotta lose weight for the summer but something that you hold true and is deeply personal to you. I have had clients who have lost loved ones to obesity, clients who have lost spouses because they let themselves go over time, and clients who hate to look in the mirror at night before bed. Whatever your reason find it! Step 2. Plan Develop a goal, not the “as seen on tv” goal but rather speak to a professional. Whether it be a dietitian or nutritionist talk to someone who can guide you in the right place when it comes to what you fuel your body with and acceptable weight loss goals. Step 3. Support You don’t have to join a gym to lose weight. Find out what works for you. You burn the same amount of calories walking 1 mile that you do running 1 mile. Gyms make it easier for some people to lose weight because of the bonds that are made both with your trainers and other members. Find a gym where you feel welcomed and at home. Step 4. Journey Time Hit the road and don’t look back. It’s ok to mess up along the way but every time you think you are messing up or have messed up remember to start from Step 1. in your thought process and you’ll be back on track. Consistency is the key. Always remember to create realistic goals to start with. These goals should be able to be adjusted up and down as time goes on. Successful weight loss is losing weight and keeping it off for over a year. How long really is your journey? 

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