When and How To Double Up On Next Fitness Jax Classes

According to hhs.gov "Adults should get at least two and a half hours (150 minutes) each week of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity. You need to do this type of activity for at least 10 minutes at a time as intervals shorter than this do not have the same health benefits. Adults should also do strengthening activities, like push-ups, sit-ups and lifting weights, at least two days a week." Now are we gonna just stick with the minimum? Nope, results don't come by just skating by. The truth is if you are diligent with nutrition and are consistent with your workouts the scale should start moving down but that's not always the case. Let's say you like to go out on the weekends and/or your spouse/significant-other has a lifestyle that contradicts the results you are trying to achieve well you are SOL.

So here is the answer you have been waiting for your whole life. Double up!


1. More Calories Burned

2. More Fat Burned

3. Each Instructor Teaches A Different Class.

4. We Can Always Offer A Modification For Exercises.


1. Calories Burned (Don't pass out, bring some food)

2. More Fat Burned (You will be tired)

3. Long Days (Make sure to get housework done in case you go home ad pass out.)

If you are doing everything possible to lose weight and its not working while working-out once a day please remember one thing. The one hour working out is what your body needed to maintain. So with that said here are a few options to take into account before doubling up on your workouts here.

1. Do a little cardio before class maybe go for a ten minute jog. Knock the class out then add a ten minute jog at the end. If it helps we are located .9 miles away from the beach. We also have the circle around back. Maybe knock out a loop or two. I promise it will be quick and you will be breathing healthily. You can also do some sprints outside for a few minutes before.

2. Try other classes! I repeat..try other classes! We have Muaythai classes, BJJ Classes, Blitz classes and many others. Try them, all are beginner friendly and will help complement the other. Its also no additional cost for you the member to take it. So give it a shot because you probably will like it and get hooked.

The main take away is if you are not seeing the results you are looking for you have a few options. You can clean up the diet, do some extra cardio before and after class, knock out some extra work after class or just leave it to us by taking another class. Saturdays are designed for working out 3 hours continuously and so are Sundays so do it. We also have a few other options for you the member which I highly recommend.

1. Book a session with our state licensed Registered Dietitian.

2. Book a session with one of our personal trainers.

Regardless of where you are in your transformation journey or what specific results please schedule a complementary assessment ever 6-8 weeks so that we here at Jax Sports Fitness are able to keep track of where you are in your fitness journey.

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